History of the 924th


Established Ellington AFB, Dec 1962

Transferred from Ellington AFB to Bergstrom AFB, March 1976

Disestablished 27 Sept 1996


           The 924th Troop Carrier Group, Medium, was established, activated, and allotted to the Air Force Reserve on 28 December 1962.  It was organized on 17 January 1963 as the 924th Troop Carrier Group, part of the 446th Troop Carrier Wing located at Ellington AFB,Texas. Its early activities included providing special airdrop support to NASA during the Gemini and Apollo space programs. From 1962 to 1967, the unit flew the Fairchild C-119C & G "Flying Boxcar".

           On 1 July 1967, the 924th converted to the Lockheed C-130A "Hercules"and was redesignated the 924th Tactical Airlift Group, as part of the 446th Tactical Airlift Wing with Headquarters at Ellington AFB. Unit members flew more than 120 missions to Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.

          On 1 July 1972 the unit changed Wing assignments and the 924th TAG became part of the 433rd Tactical Airlift Wing, located at Kelly AFB, Texas, known as  The Alamo Wing. The 924th remained physically located at Ellington AFB.

          In March 1976, eleven C130A's of the 924th at Ellington AFB cranked up and relocated to Bergstrom AFB, Texas where the unit became the first Reserve unit to be assigned there. In the 2nd half of 1976, the 924 TAG converted to eight Lockheed C-130Bs as part of the 433rd TAW Headquarters at Kelly AFB while remaining physically located at Bergstrom AFB.  The 924 Tactical Airlift Group was awarded the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for the period 1 Sep 79 - 29 Feb 80.  

            On 1 July 1981, the 924th converted to the McDonnell-Douglas F-4D "Phantom II" and became the 924th Tactical Fighter Group, as part of  the 301st Tactical Fighter Wing with Headquarters located at Carswell AFB, Texas. In Jan 1989, the 924 TFG converted to the newer McDonnell-Douglas F-4E.  In July 1991, the 924 TFG converted to the General Dynamics F-16A "Fighting Falcon" and became the 924th Fighter Group in Feb 1992. In July 1994, the unit converted to the newer General Dynamics F-16C.  On 1 Oct 1994, the 924th Fighter Group became a Fighter Wing.  

          As a result of the BRAC activities, in 1996 the 924th Fighter Wing was disestablished due to the closing of Bergstrom AFB.  By September the aircraft, personnel and equipment were gone and on 27 Sept 1996, the keys to the base were turned over to the City of Austin.

As per the official Air Force Historical Research Agency lineage and honors statement. AFRC/HO

924th Commanders

Date Assumed Command Commanding Officer
January 1963 Lt. Col. John R. Combs
March 1968 Col. Edwin F. Wenglar
January 1969 Col. Arthur A. Gentry
June 1971 Col. Edwin F. Wenglar
July 1972 Col. Richard E. George
December 1973 Col. Victor M. Coale
September 1975 Lt. Col. Jack Ricot *
January 1976 Col. Jonathan Gardner
August 1978 Col. Elmer C. Apel
June 1981 Col. Forrest S. Weinbarger
September 1984 Lt. Col. Randolph S. Reynolds
July 1985 Lt. Col. John A. Bradley
December 1988 Col. Richard J. Eustace
May 1996 Col. Lee Graves

                                                                                                                                                                * Non ART Reservist

Star star  star  star  star  star  star  star  star

Outlaws that went on to make Flag General

                                                                      3 Star   John  Bradley:  Lieutenant General, AFRC/Commander

                                                                      2 Star   Craig Collins: Major General (Ret), 10th AFCommander

                                                                      2 Star   Dave Gildart: Major General, MA to AF/IG

                                                                      2 star  Howard Dallas Thompson: Major General, USNORTHCOM HQ CS (Peterson Field, CO)

                                                                      2 star   Dave "DC" Commons: Brigadier General, MA to PACAF/CC,Hickham AFB, HA
2 star   John 'Trapper' Winters: Brigadier General, Pentagon

                                                                      1 star   Forrest Trees Winebarger: Brigadier General(Ret), 419 FW/CC Hill AFB, UT

                                                                      1 star   Robert Bob Lytle: Brigadier General (Ret),507 ARG/CC and later AFRC/IG

                                                                     1 star   Larry Toad Turner: Brigadier General, 482FW/CC and later AFRC/DO

                                                                     1 star   Dr. John Costanzi: Brigadier General (Ret), MA Wilford Hall Hospital,SA, TX

                                                                     1 star   Arthur Gentry: Brigadier General (Ret) 924thAirlift Commander Ellington AFB, TX

                                                                      1 star   Edwin F. Wenglar: Brigadier General (Ret) 924thAirlift Commander Ellington AFB, TX

                                                                      1 star   Billy Knowles: Brigadier General (Ret) 705thTS/ Airlift Commander at Ellington AFB, TX

                                                                      1 star   Robert S. Arthur: Commander, 442nd Fighter Wing, Whiteman AFB, MO

                                                                       1 star   Kevin "Potts" Pottinger: Commander ARPC, Denver, CO

                                                                       1 star   William 'Bill' Welch, Randolph AFB, TX                                           

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