Miscellanous Information

(August 25, 2011)
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The Hudson River crash recreated using information from the aircraft

"Black Boxes" - Very Interesting!
(click on the link to view)

We're going in the Hudson


924th Flower Fund

The purpose is to send a nice flower arrangement to all 924th funerals.

The ribbon will read; "924th BAFB"

A flower arrangement has been sent to the last 43 funerals.

Jim Chapman is the POC for collecting funds and sending the flowers




Ed Copher, 924 Keeper of the Flame

Memories glimmer and hide in the dim shadows
Daring us to '...catch me...if you can!'...
As time steadily treads its own meandering path,
It's hard to trace old members of the clan.
Then someone steps up with lantern and blade
Shouting, "Let's gather them in for us all, good neighbor!
We'll bring forth those hidden in the shade, and
Share them with one and another!
"I'll keep that flame high and the blade ever sharp,
That our friends may never be lost in the dark!"

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